I Wanted to Move out of My Parents House

I was searching through a number of Shawnee KS apartments to find a place, but I was a little bit worried about living alone. I wasn’t particularly good about saving and being super careful with my money. I debated about whether I should get some roommates or not. I had never lived with anyone but my family members, so I wasn’t really sure what to expext. There was so much to think about, and I wondered if I should worry more or if I was overthinking everything. I am not good at being spontaneous, and everything I do takes a lot of thinking before I take action.

I lived a pretty easy life at home. I was 24 years old, but I didn’t have to pay for any bills due to living there at all. My parents had more than enough money to pay for me living there, so it wasn’t a burden to them for that reason. I had offered to pay bills, but they told me that it was best that I save whatever money I was making at my job so that it could go for my future. The trouble was that I wasn’t doing a very good job of that. When my favorite cosmetic brand came out with a new $55.00 eyeshadow pallette, I rushed to buy it. When I wanted a new car, I upgraded to a new one, although, the one that I had was working just fine. I was spending without thinking about it much.

My boyfriend then discussed the two of us living together. I told him that I had worries about my spending habits. He explained that when you are our age and you live on your own, it’s a time for growing up and acting like an adult. He said that he was willing to give it a try with me if I would agree to a monthly budget. I told him that sounded like a good idea.